unidroit fao ifad legal guide cover pOn 18 October 2018, the Faculty of Administration of the University of São Paulo hosted a Colloquium on the legal, economic and social implications of contract farming to celebrate the launch of the Portuguese version of the UNIDROIT-FAO-IFAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming, co-organised with UNIDROIT. UNIDROIT Senior Legal Officer Ms Frédérique Mestre participated in the opening of the event, with Professor Dr. Decio Zylbersztajn (University of São Paulo), Professor Dr. Moacir de Miranda Oliveira (University of São Paolo) and Professor Dr Kassia Watanabe (Universidade Federal do Reconcavo da Bahia), and subsequently presented UNIDROIT’s perspectives on the Legal Guide on Contract Farming. The Portuguese version of the guide owes its success to the team of translators,  Professor Dr Iacyr de Aguilar Vieira (University of Viçoisa), Professor Dr Kassia Watanabe (Universidade Federal do Reconcavo da Bahia), Dr Nunziata Stefania Valenza Paiva (Justice of Goias Court of Justice), and Professor Dr. Regel Antonio Ferrazza (Univeristy of Viçoisa), who were also at the event.


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181018 unidroit fao ifad lg portuguese sao paulo pict01    181018 unidroit fao ifad lg portuguese sao paulo pict02 
Opening Panel    From left to right (top): Professor Dr. Regel Antonio
Ferrazza, Professor Dr Decio Zylbersztajn , Professor Dr.
Carlos Arthur Barbosa da Silva, Mr Claus Reiner.
From left to right (bottom): Professor Dr Iacyr de Aguilar
Vieira; Dr Nunziata Stefania Valenza Paiva; Professor Dr
Kassia Watanabe; Ms Frédérique Mestre




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